Is it okay to date your best friend?

Your sentiments for your closest friend could evolve with time, even if you two aren\\\'t initially attracted to one another romantically.
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Your sentiments for your closest friend could evolve with time, even if you two aren't initially attracted to one another romantically. It's normal to fall in love with someone you're already close to, but if a romantic connection ends, you might worry that your friendship will suffer or your dynamic will shift.

A very important and satisfying aspect of life might be having a connection with your closest friend, who might share interests and be a good fit for you. Developing non-platonic sentiments or having a sense of closeness to them might be natural.  

You might want to think about how acting on your feelings could affect your relationship if you and your closest friend are starting to have a true romantic connection. Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of your choices might be helpful.

Dating your best friend comes with certain advantages.

    • You two seem at ease with one another.

It's important that you and your spouse feel at ease at all times, but that doesn't happen by accident. It takes time to build trust! Dating a buddy increases your likelihood of feeling most at ease because, presumably, you already know and trust them.

This is a big benefit of dating a friend as it may help your relationship feel more natural right away, whether you feel comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts with them or you are just at ease with their company.

    • Perhaps you two have mutual friends.

You may already be acquainted with some of your closest friend's friends and family, which might spare you from the unpleasant situations that frequently arise while getting to know a new partner's family. You both may spend time with a built-in social network of shared acquaintances.

It might be helpful to know that you already get along with the essential individuals in the lives of the friendly lady or boyfriend (or any other gender) if you're thinking about acting on your emotions for them. Early relationship friction might be lessened by anticipating how you'll fit into your best friend's social and familial groups.

Similar past.

There is already a history between you if they are your best friend. You probably know each other well and have had memories together. Many of your closest friends' likes and dislikes, as well as how they've acted in past relationships, should be known to you.

When a friend turns into a lover, you may use what you already know about them to go into the relationship with knowledge and motivation to maintain the comfort and enjoyment you've built together. Build a strong foundation for your connection with the help of your familiarity and trust.

    • Tense silences are not certain.

Nothing is worse than getting into a relationship with someone you like only to discover that you have very little in common and hence have nothing to speak about.

There is a good chance that you will share interests if you decide to date your friend. You wouldn't be  a friend if you didn't!

Disadvantages of dating with your best friend.

Being your best friend and having the ideal fit for you doesn't guarantee that the friendship will work out romantically.

    • Are you aware that you may end up in a jealous mess?

It's common for most people to be somewhat protective of their closest friends. However, what happens if you tell them you want to go on a date and they don't share your feelings? You will not only have to watch them date other people, but it will also be embarrassing.

Will you be able to tolerate such jealousy? It may be as painful as a knife to see them date and have sex with other people while you're sitting there. Will your envy prevent you from keeping that best-friend relationship going?

    • A relationship moves too quickly.

It might be simple to go past the introductory phases of a romantic relationship, when couples usually get to know one another and discover how their lifestyles complement one another, because of your familiarity and trust with one another. At first, going from friends to lovers might seem like a logical step.

However, because you started with a far higher level of mental and emotional closeness than new partners often have, you may soon feel that the relationship is going too rapidly or becoming more serious than you're comfortable with.

    • They might stop being your friend and partner.

If you go on a date with someone you've become close to, your dynamic can change if the relationship ends. After a breakup, it can be difficult for individuals who are dating or married to stay close, even if you resolve to stay "just friends."

If you think you would lose this person as a friend and love partner, you might opt not to act on your feelings. If you can connect to this worry, you and your closest buddy may opt to talk about what to do if you ever decide to break up.

    • Taking the friendship on a chance.

Although it's a lovely notion, if things don't work out, falling in love with your closest friend can have terrible consequences. Think about whether the advantages and intensity of your romantic feelings for one another exceed the possible consequences of losing the buddy if the courting doesn't work out.

    • Your friendship's dynamics might shift.

You may find it difficult to communicate with your closest friend in the same way that you used to if they become your love partner. For instance, if you are in a relationship with someone, you might no longer feel comfortable discussing relationship "stuff" or problems with them. 

It could be vital to get assistance, counsel, and objective perspectives on your relationship from outside sources. You could also abandon previous habits or ways of interacting that you used to have with platonic friends, even if you think that what you have together is "true love.


It's normal to experience romantic sentiments for a close friend yet be unsure about whether to pursue them. While having a loving relationship with your best friend might be happy and healthy, there may be some changes in the dynamics of the connection.

A word of caution before dating your closest friend: if things don't work out, it may be very hard to go back to how you were. Despite the risks, it may seem worthwhile to date someone you can trust completely if you know that they will be your partner.