Twin Flames: Is It Real?

Twin flames, also known as “mirror souls”, are terms used to describe belief of a strong soul connection between two people that believe to be each other’s half.
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Twin flames, also known as “mirror souls”, are terms used to describe belief of a strong soul connection between two people that believe to be each other’s half. This is rooted in the belief that one soul can exist in two different bodies. The two people believe that they have an intense soul connection because of having similar life experiences and challenges which may include trauma. These individuals are similar to their twin flame, they behave like a spiritual mirror that shows each other’s strengths. Weakness and challenges. Even though there is no scientific evidence to support the twin flame ideology, people who believe in it claim that there are visible signs that show when someone has met their twin flame. Firstly, it is alleged that in a twin flame setting, there is a deep sense of familiarity. When you come across your twin flame, there is a deep sense of feeling as if you have known that person for a long time. There is also a strong connection with this person. This feeling can exist in both a romantic or platonic relationship. This connection draws you towards each other. Twin flames also have a lot of similarities when it comes to different things like your values, past experiences, traumas, and what you may enjoy doing in general. When there are differences in experiences or characters, these seem to be complementing each other well and helping each other heal. Both parties can either relate to one another or complement each other's characteristics. A twin flame allows you to see yourself in another, and this allows you to see your shortcomings, insecurities and unhealed traumas that still need to be addressed. This allows for one to be able to introspect and work on themselves. Encountering a twin flame helps one to grow, learn what it is that they need to work on and motivate them to grow. The relationship between twin flames can create friction as parties are pushed to deal with their toxic traits and they try to heal and grow from their experiences. Twin flame relationships are believed to have different stages they undergo as with any other romantic relationship. The first stage is said to be the yearning stage. This is when one feels like there is a void in their life, while others feel like they are going to meet someone who will play an important part in their lives. This is followed by feeling an immediate connection when you meet this person. This is shortly followed by both parties falling deeply in love with each other, they are elated and ecstatic about the relationship. The connection between the two individuals grows and they become physically and emotionally closer, this is where they experience the honeymoon phase of the relationship. With time, the honeymoon phase starts fading and partners start seeing imperfections in each other. They may see that they have different perspectives and personalities. This is also where their unhealed past traumas start becoming visible. Both partners can trigger each other’s unhealed traumas, and this will cause tensions in the relationship. At this stage, parties take different roles in the relationship. One may become the runner, who is always looking for ways to run from the relationship. The other may become the pursuer, who is the one always trying to mend and fix the relationship. After all the running and pursuing, twin flames eventually become open with being vulnerable in the relationship, allowing each other to see unhealed traumas and issues they were covering up internally. As they reveal more of themselves in the relationship, they get to know and understand each other better. They start working on addressing their issues and healing their wounds, and this strengthens their relationship even more. At this stage, they begin to be more understanding of their partner, they become more loving and start sharing similar interests, values, and passions together. A person who believes in the ideology of twin flames may strongly feel that they are responsible and need to help their partner to deal with their past traumas and heal. However, that is a big responsibility that one should never feel obliged to take on. It is almost always toxic trying to help another person heal, resulting in you needing to heal from their toxic patterns. Therefore, it is always a better idea to lovingly have an open discussion with your partner about the toxic behaviors that exist in your relationship and consider seeing a professional.