Are Soulmates Real?

Soulmates are believed to be two souls that share an intense romantic or platonic connection.
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Soulmates are believed to be two souls that share an intense romantic or platonic connection. Even though there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of soulmates, a lot of people have strong beliefs in the ideology. The belief in soulmates largely dictates how people behave in their relationships and to what extent they succeed.

The soulmate theory is premised on the belief that there is a person who can fulfill and “complete” you. People who believe in the soulmate theory usually have a great relationship experience when they have a relationship with someone that they believe is “the one”, they feel as though this specific person is the only one who can truly understand them. For someone who believes in soulmates to really be content in a relationship, they have to be with someone who feels like the right person for them.

A study comparing cultural ideas of marriage to soulmate ideas of marriage deduced that people who believed in soulmates had more satisfaction in their marriages but also experienced more conflicts and divorce. It was also found that traditional marriage in relation to gender roles and following religious beliefs are more likely to succeed and be more stable. There is no concrete way of telling when and how you will meet your soulmate.

In order to know if you have found your soulmate, there are some common signs to look out for include having a special feeling from the very beginning that they are “the one”, you may have similar values when it comes to what is right and wrong, you have an unexplainable sense of peace and calmness when you are with them and have an intense sense of mutual understanding. Seeing someone we find attractive triggers a reward part of the brain in ourselves, this then helps in determining whether we want to pursue a relationship with someone or not.

A soulmate is someone you happen to have a lot of common things with. This creates an intense connection between the two of you. Soulmates are explained and understood through the lens of romantic partners, however, soulmates can be in other kinds of relationships. It is also possible to have a soulmate in a version of a friend or business partner. It is important to have healthy relationships that are not romantic in nature, such as friendships and professional relationships. Regardless of the kind of soulmate you may have, whether romantic or otherwise, this person has the ability to uplift your spirit and satisfies you in every way you need.

Some of the most intense soulmates that exist, the first one being best friends. A best friend can be someone you befriended in your early childhood years or even in your adulthood. Best friends tend to have a strong connection with each other and enjoy being in each other’s presence without having to try too hard. Best friends enjoy supporting each other’s endeavours, being there for each other and being there in both good and sad times.

The second kind of soulmate that exists is the most known kind of soulmate, the romantic love soulmate. This can be your significant other, your partner or spouse. This kind of soulmate is one that you love romantically and are building a life and family with. The love that exists in this relationship is unconditional and intense.

The third kind of soulmate is a karmic soulmate. This is a soulmate that comes into your life for a specific reason. This reason may be to teach you something or to furnish you with what you may be needing. Both parties may provide something in this relationship that the other needs, and both parties work towards a similar goal.

The fourth kind of soulmate is the twin flame. This relationship is where each partner sees themselves in the other. Twin flames may have a lot of things in common such as their passions, qualities, values or interests. These relationships can be romantic, platonic, intellectual or even a combination of these. These can be with a specific friend or work relationship.

Trying to live your life without your soulmate may feel lonesome, and losing one can feel like an overwhelming loss. Therefore, meeting your soulmate can be a great feeling knowing how fortunate you are to have met them, however, their loss can be just as devastating. This adds an element of bittersweet taste to the idea of soulmates.